How to Choose a Waist Trainer

by Jomer Gregorio on Aug 27, 2020

How to Choose a Waist Trainer

Waist trainers are becoming an increasingly popular tool to reduce waist size and accentuate natural curves gradually. Waist training works by creating compression in your core, stimulating thermal activity, and boosting perspiration to allow impurities and toxins to leave the skin. In turn, this will mobilize fat cells.

Achieving your ideal body can not only help you look good, but it can also give you confidence and happiness. As you decide to start waist training, you might find a variety of waist trainers available in the market. Choosing the right one plays an essential role in its effectiveness.

However, with plenty of waist trainers to choose from, which of them can give you the best result? Here are a few things to consider to narrow your options in finding the perfect waist trainer for you.

Prioritize Comfort

Comfort always comes first in all types of clothing. While waist trainers will usually feel uncomfortable to wear at first use, it should become more comfortable to use after wearing it for a few days. Initially, it should feel tight and not like it’s pinching your body.

Waist trainers are usually worn for any activities, so you should find comfort when having it on. Some people would stop using waist trainers when they feel uncomfortable wearing it. The ideal waist trainer should be comfortable enough that it doesn’t remind you of its presence. So, it’s essential to check the comfort level while wearing the waist trainer.

The following features will be helpful when checking the quality of comfort between different waist trainers.

  • Pin and Hook Placement

First of all, the hooks should be thick enough so it won’t break easily. Consider the placement of the hook and pin, including the spacing between the hooks. You want to make sure that they’re far apart, so you’ll be able to use them longer.

Some hooks of waist cinchers are very close to one another. While you’ll quickly get to the first hook, it won’t be long until you’ll get used to it and need to buy another one.

  • The Type of Fabric

Waist trainers have a large variety of materials to choose from. Some of the most common fabrics used are latex, cotton, satin, and leather. When choosing waist trainers, it’s better to invest in a quality fabric that is breathable and durable than to cut corners.

Being breathable is an essential aspect of waist trainer since waist trainers are worn pretty often. This will allow you to be comfortable even while wearing your trainer while doing physical activities or going through your daily routine.  You also have to choose those that can be altered according to your body structure and size.

  • The Boning Materials

Waist trainers have a support system called boning. The boning can be made of plastic or steel. A plastic boning base is a good option for trying out waist trainers, but steel bones are better for long term use. The more bones a waist trainer has, the better. You also need to pay attention to the differences between spiral and flat boning, as well as double-boning.

measure waist trainer

Take Your Measurements Seriously

Despite popular beliefs, waist trainers don’t come in a “one size fits all” design. It’s why wearers need to consider fitting when choosing a body waist trainer. You can go old school and try on pieces on display to find the perfect fit, but taking your actual measurements is much easier if you’re buying online.

When taking your measurements for your waist trainer, the most important thing to do is to take is the overall length of your natural waist. The natural waist is the smallest part of your waist that is about two to three inches above from the belly button. Take accurate measurements and don’t tighten or pull the measuring tape as you measure as this will lead to wrong measurements.

Make sure to go for the size that actually fits you and not the size that you prefer. There is no point in getting a size that is either too big or small. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a waist trainer that is very uncomfortable to wear or an ineffective one.

Choose A Waist Trainer That Is Easy to Clean and Maintain

A lot of toxins get released when you sweat out while wearing your waist trainer, which means that it needs to get washed often, or it will start smelling. A waist trainer can sustain permanent damage that will render it ineffective and useless when it’s cleaned the wrong way. Waist trainers that are difficult to clean can also be a hassle for people who are busy and have other responsibilities on their plates.

That’s why you should never buy a waist trainer that will give you a hard time maintaining if you’re not up to the task. Each brand has different washing guidelines, so make sure to read the cleaning guidelines or ask the sales representative before buying anything.

Forget About the Cost

Generally, waist trainers aren’t that expensive, but some are more expensive than the rest. It’s all too easy to find a waist trainer with the lowest price tag in a retail store. However, the cheapest waist trainer may not always be the best one.

You might find a budget-friendly waist trainer only to find that it isn’t well-made, forcing you to spend more in the long run. This goes the same for expensive waist trainers. Just because it costs more doesn’t mean it will always provide the best results. You shouldn’t spend on something beyond your budget just to look and feel your best.

Before considering the cost, you should first look for a waist trainer that fits your needs and find out everything that is to know about it. It’s only once that you find the right one for you should you take a look at the price tag. If you don’t have enough to buy the waist trainer you want, It’s better to save up first rather than settling with lower quality because it’s cheaper.

Reputable Brand

There are many well-known and unknown brands manufacturing waist trainers, especially online. Each has their own types and models in their assortment. With so many brands to choose from, it can be overwhelming to simply select one. While brands alone don’t ultimately guarantee high-quality waist trainers, having retailers you can trust can help provide a satisfying training experience.

Ask your family and friends who already tried waist trainers or check online reviews to ask for feedback. Their opinions based on their experience can help you provide more facts and information than a product description could ever do. They will encourage you to buy from a store that they actually believe in and steer you away from brands that disappointed them.

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