Get the Perfect Size

You must measure yourself as a waist trainer must fit you correctly, if it doesn't you're probably not going to see results.  We recommend that you invest in a measuring tape which you can pick up at any discount store, you will also use it to track your progress, so every month you can measure your waist and see how you are doing. 

Once you start using a Celebrity Waist Trainer you’re going to see results fast, most of our customers size down from their first waist trainer within one month losing two inches or more from their waistline.

To get the correct size you need to measure the smallest part of your waist, usually it's above the belly button but that's not always the case so measure different areas of your waistline. The smallest part will be used for your measurements. If you are unsure we offer a free sizing evaluation where we recommend a size for you.  Please get in touch via live chat or you can email 

TIP: Always measure your waistline before consuming food for the most accurate measurement. 

What size should I chose?

After you have measured please refer to our size guides.  We recommend that chose your size according to your measurements.

Use the below for our,

Use the below chart for our