How do I measure?

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What size should I choose?

After you have measured please refer to our size guides.  We recommend that chose your size according to your measurements.

Use the below size chart for the following products. 

Use the below chart for our Everyday Waist Trainer

How should I use my waist trainer

When you first try on your waist trainer make sure it's in the morning time before breakfast (when your stomach is at its flattest).  Please allow 10/15 mins when first trying on your Waist Trainer for the first time (you may need assistance).  It is worn directly on your skin, underneath your clothes. (Or over a very light vest)

Start off on level one with the corset. (Making sure the other two rows of eyes of hooks are visible).  Stay on level one for a minimum of 4 weeks, then you can adjust the trainer and move in one clip. Stay on the Middle clip again for 4 weeks finally adjusting it and tightening it to the tightest level, and again worn for a minimum of 4 weeks. Please note, if you loose weight within the first three months of waist training it is advised to come down a size in the waist trainer to maintain high compression.  Drink plenty of water while waist training, this aids with overheating (you are also more restricted with portion size)

What Waist Trainer should I choose?

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How soon do you see results waist training?

Everyone is different; some people lose weight very quickly and see results just as quick. Some people lose weight slower and they will see results the same way. Wearing your waist trainer for a minimum of 2-3 hours a day and drinking lots of water you should start to see results as soon as 1-2 weeks. 

How will my waist trainer help me lose weight if I am not working out?

When wearing your waist trainer throughout the day, your appetite will be reduced due to compression. While wearing your waist trainer your stomach will not expand as much as normal while eating resulting in a lower calorie intake and a feeling of being full.

How should I wash and look after my waist trainer?

Hand wash only. Cool basin wash. Hang dry. No heat Source. 

How long will it take for me to get my waist trainer? 

If you're located in Ireland, you will typically receive your waist trainer within 1-3 business days. If your cart items are back-ordered due to high demand, we will alert you immediately. All back-ordered products will arrive within 10-15 days.  

If you are located outside of Ireland, please allow 3-10 working days for delivery.

How can I exchange my product for a different size?

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How can I contact Celebrity Waist Trainers?

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How can I get featured in my Celebrity Waist Trainer? 

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