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Cathy C.

Literally wear this trainer everyday

"Literally wear this trainer everyday and could not imagine a day without it. First day i managed the first set of outer clips and within just a week i was on the inner most clips. Highly recommend!!"

Tori D.

I feel so happy and confident!!

"Morning till night!! My confidence life saver i have recently had a new baby of course mum Tum is a problem at he moment but with my waist trainer under my clothes I feel so happy and confident!! I am on to my second luxury was it trainer I started of on XL and now on to latch 2 size L! Size medium I am coming for you!!"

Sharon L.

Love it so much

"I bought them for myself and a pair for my daughter for the gym so they've not been worn out yet... However we've tried them on and they're so comfy and the fit is perfect. So far I'd highly recommend them."

Harry R

I absolutely love these

"I absolutely love these and so handy as iv had bariatric surgery 12 weeks ago and these not only tone me but save me from have to buy clothes all the time as they have 3 different size catches started on the third I'm on to the last one time to order a size down."

Mary S.

My confidence is gone threw the roof

"Mine just arrived and well worth the wait I Absolutely love it First time in 21 yrs Iv no mum tum in my jeans 🥰 it is so comfortable and my confidence is gone threw the roof 😊 I’m never taking it off 🤣 thank you celebrity waist trainers x"

Leah G.

Absolutely Amazing

"Absolutely Amazing gave me so so much confidence I loved it can even wear it under clothes, would recommend wearing a slip over just so it cannot be seen . Again love it"


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