by Celebrity Waist Trainers on Apr 04, 2019


Fancy learning a little more about waist training? Let us fill you in. 

Waist training is the process of gradually reducing your waist size and accentuating your natural curves through the use of a waist training device.

Waist trainers work through the process of creating compression in your core, stimulating thermal activity and boosting perspiration which in turn will allow toxins and impurities to leave the skin and mobilize fat cells.

As one of the slimmest of all the waist trainers on the market, a Celebrity Waist Trainer gives a nearly invisible look underneath knits and close fitting outfits.

Our waist trainers are stocked in sizes S-6XL so there really is one for every shape and size.

Just had a baby and fancy burning off the last of that baby weight? Not to worry.

The Celebrity Waist Trainer is super-breathable, light, and flexible. Each waist trainer comes with 3 rows of hook-and-eye clasps for adjustability as your shape begins to change postpartum.

Created with specific arch support, our waist trainers minimize the dreaded 'back rolls,' along with ensuring maximum support.

They help take advantage of the hormones in your body post birth and works with your bodies natural process of recovery. The best part? They're practically invisible under clothing.

We also stock a fabulous range of  shapewear that gives your tummy a supportive lift after birth and is super discreet. They help keep everything in place day to day and boosts confidence.

We’re always so happy to answer your waist training questions, so if you’d like to know more shoot us an email over on

All pictures were taken by our brand ambassador Julie McCade, go follow her @ordinarygal to keep up to date with fashion and everything in between.