by Celebrity Waist Trainers on Apr 04, 2019


It’s wonderful to see how many people are making the effort to figure out how to be more mindful these past few years.

Life can get unbearably busy sometimes and it can be so easy to forget to take time for you to simply decompress.

But, if we’re being very honest – even when we have time to chill out and relax that doesn’t always soothe us in the way it should.

A good friend of ours recently recommended  the Calm book, by Michael Acton Smith and Alex Tew. 


It’s full of tips and inspiration on how to relax and bring peace and calm back into our lives again.

The book is divided into eight different sections that you can read at your own leisure and doesn’t have to be read in order.  

It’s intersected by activities and different meditations for you to practice.

The advice is practical and we can’t seem to put it down!

There is also a Calm app you can download to your phone that works in conjunction with the book.

Have you guys got an mindful manuals you swear by? Let us  know in the comments.