How to Break in your Waist Trainer - Infographic

by Jomer Gregorio on Nov 22, 2020

How to Break in your Waist Trainer - Infographic

Breaking in a waist trainer is essentially wearing a garment until it becomes comfortable in the way it should be. It is a process that is similar to breaking in a new pair of shoes. In a heavily structured and constricting garment as a waist trainer, your body will also adjust to accommodate it the more it’s worn.

The need to break in or season your corset won’t only create an adjustment period for your body but also let your corset have an adjustment period.  If your corset isn’t properly break-in, you risk warping, bending, or ripping the material.

Seasoning your new waist trainer may seem an excessive process to get you those curves you’ve been aiming for. Still, your willingness to follow through it will make all the difference for your long-term waist training goals. 

How to Break in your Waist Trainer


Getting Started with Breaking in your Waist Trainer

Choose the Right Size

Making sure your waist trainer fits correctly is the first step to breaking in your waist trainer. The wrong size can be uncomfortable, and it can risk damaging the garment.  Simultaneously, it will not produce the most flattering or quicker results despite what most people think. Poor-fitting corsets will not only cause pain but also delay your waist training.

Ordering the right size waist trainer is different from ordering other types of lingerie or undergarments.  Instead of following your bra size or shirt size, buy one according to your waist measurement. Take the measurement of the narrowest part of your waist using a soft measuring tape. This is located about one inch above your belly button.

Once you get your waist trainer, check to see if it fits. Generally, it should be the right size if you can easily slide in several fingers in the top or bottom of your corset. The garment is probably too large if it doesn’t provide firm compression or a flattering hourglass shape. If the material starts to roll or there’s any bunching, your waist trainer should be too small.

If you got the wrong size, make sure to get your waist trainer exchanged immediately. However, it will be more convenient to save it if you have a smaller waist trainer than you need. After waist training for a while, you’ll be needing a smaller corset. It will be more convenient to already have a smaller size on hand once you need to switch.

Don’t Wear It for Long Periods

Spending a lot of time in a waist trainer can provide the benefits. It allows you to enjoy a slimmer figure, practice good posture, and motivate you to achieve your health and fitness goals. However, you have to give yourself time to allow your waist trainer to break in before going all in.

Waist training is a gradual process. The point of seasoning is to get accustomed to the compression applied to the waist area to avoid unnecessary pain or discomfort. This can usually take about two weeks. For the first three days, wear your waist trainer for no more than two hours at a time.

Start by pulling the laces until it becomes tight enough that it feels snug but not constricting. After wearing it for at least 30 minutes or so each session, pull it slightly tighter. The boning and fabric should take on your shape as the corset adjusts to your body, making it a lot more comfortable to wear over more extended periods.

If you want, you can continue doing this for two weeks or gradually increase the time you’re wearing on the waist trainer. A rule of thumb is to add an hour every three days, meaning you’ll be wearing your waist trainer for up to six hours by the end of two weeks. Others would add one or two hours every day until they’ve worked up to eight hours for their first week.

Gradually increase the time spent in your corset until you feel comfortable wearing your waist trainer for a maximum of 12 hours a day.

Give yourself a Break

Wearing your waist trainer for more than a maximum of twelve hours a day is not a good idea. The amount of time you wear it is not what makes it effective. Wearing it for as long as you can more consistently help you see these changes better.

But while consistency is important, taking a break is essential, especially crucial at the beginning of your waist training. Periodic intervals give your skin the opportunity to breathe and your torso to relax.

Don’t deny yourself a break if you need it. Some people can wear their waist trainer for many hours, while others can only handle a few. If you still haven’t met your daily goal, simply split your time into two parts. However, you can take a break for a whole day if that’s what you need.

Don’t Tighten Too Much Too Fast

One of the noticeable things on your first-time waist training is the compression’s firmness. Waist trainers feel tight at first, but your body will become accustomed to it eventually. However, it shouldn’t pinch or cause any discomfort.

Waist trainers can cause discomfort if you bought the wrong size or if you’ve tightened it too fast. Do not completely tighten your corset for the first time. It’s wrong and can be really dangerous. Waist trainers that are too tight can cause shortness of breath, nausea, fainting, and bruising.

Ideally, it should be hooked on the loosest row when you first start out so that you’ll have room to tighten it later as your waistline slims down. If you tighten your waist trainer too much immediately, you’ll risk warping the corset and possibly hurting yourself. Give it time to mold to your body, and it will be much more comfortable to wear in the long run.

Know when to take it off

As any waist training expert can tell you, the key to progressing with waist training is to listen to your body. Adjust your lace if you can handle it, but don’t beat yourself up if your body isn’t up for it yet.

Immediately loosen or remove your waist trainer or corset if you ever feel pain, numbness in your limbs, or stomach issues like acid reflux or heartburn. This is a clear indication the waist trainer is either too tight or not fitted properly.

How to Tell If Your Waist Trainer is Ready to Fully Enjoy

Remember, it takes time for your body and corset to take to know each other. The time when your corset is seasoned enough to wear throughout the day and begin tightening in earnest to reach your waist size goals depends on your own criteria.

However, a few hallmarks show that your waist trainer is well-seasoned and is ready for you to fully enjoy.

  • The top and bottom edge hugs and molds your body
  • No gaps at the top and bottom edges
  • Hooks and pins easily pop into place

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